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Good mortgages are like insurance policies


Many of the problems at the root of the current foreclosure crisis are the result of the terms of foreclosed mortgages and in particular, to the mortgage rates that applied. Some lenders persuaded the ignorant first time home buyer to take out variable interest rate mortgages that started out sub-prime and then rocketed up to an unaffordable level. If a lender had provided a reliable mortgage rates forecast at the time, then perhaps these borrowers might have decided otherwise. This is why we say that good mortgages are like insurances against future change.

Mortgage rates are a Key Factor in a Foreclosure Purchase

Mortgage rates reflect the cost of borrowing and should include the amortization of the capital amount too. A fixed rate mortgage buyer should follow the national mortgage rates forecast to track mortgage rates trends and strike a deal when interest rates are lowest – the same logic applies to FHA mortgage rates as well. Working out the bottom line is a complicated matter and this is why we have a free mortgage calculator on our site. When you use our mortgage payment calculator you will find more than just information gleaned from historical mortgage rates. Our mortgage rate calculator is dynamic and up-to-date.

Advice for a first time home buyer

First time home buyer

A first time home buyer should take the time to understand interest rates fully and the opportunities that a first time home buyer grant provides. A first time home buyer with bad credit record may still secure a mortgage loan, but perhaps at higher rates. There are government incentives that may ease the costs of a first time home buyer mortgage too. We have information here on this as well as advice on first time home buyer loans and buying a home generally as well. Why not arrange a FHA loan today? Claim a first time home buyer tax credit if you can and buy your first house courtesy of the FHA today.

A mortgages calculator provides peace of mind

You will have instant peace of mind when you use the free mortgages calculator on our website. Please note that this does not provide for mortgages interest only schemes. Bad credit mortgages work like all other mortgage types – just enter different rates for sales price, percentage down, length of mortgage and the annual interest rate that you assume and you will see the mortgage rates trends immediately. Mortgages are easier to plan when you understand exactly how they work and then you can buy a foreclosed property with confidence too.

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