What are Foreclosed Manufactured Homes?

What is the manufactured home definition? Manufactured homes are often called mobile homes but they also can be called modular homes. They are prefabricated homes built in a factory and transported to the home site. Foreclosed manufactured homes are factory-built homes that the owner has defaulted on.

Bank Owned Manufactured Homes

Manufactured homes repossessed by the lender due to the buyer defaulting become bank owned. These bank repo manufactured homes are then listed for sale so that the lender can recoup their loss on the property. Repo Manufactured homes can make great investment properties, vacation homes, first-time homes and properties to flip. Repossessed manufactured homes are often a cheap way to enter the real estate market.

How to Find Foreclosed Manufactured Homes

Finding foreclosed manufactured homes for sale is easy – foreclosure listings are available online or through a Realtor. Banks often offer repossessed homes at significantly reduced rates. Repo manufactured homes for sale can help buyers save money on an investment. These cheap houses are often for sale in manufactured home communities. Manufactured houses have become very popular because of their reasonable prices and innovations in building technology.

Are Manufactured Homes and Modular Homes the Same?

Foreclosed manufactured homes are the same thing as a foreclosure mobile home and are built in a factory. Manufactured modular homes are also built in a factory and assembled on site, and typically cannot be moved. A manufactured home is built in a factory and is usually shipped on a tractor-trailer already assembled or with minimal on-site assembly required. For more information, visit the Modular Homes Page.


The size of a manufactured home can vary – everything from small manufactured homes to pre manufactured homes with multiple levels and a larger floor plan are available today. Repossessed manufactured homes for sale can range be 14 feet wide and up.


How much do manufactured homes cost? The cost of a manufactured home varies based on the size and finishes. Typically, an affordable manufactured home is around $60 a square foot but foreclosed mobile homes in any area are even more affordable. Purchasing foreclosed modular homes can save 30 to 60 percent off the original price and they can be purchased at a large discount over a traditional home.

Manufactured Home Financing

Ready to start the home buying process? Manufactured home loans are much the same as purchasing any other home. A mortgage for manufactured housing is typical, especially for homes that are stationary. The more mobile the home, the more likely you will have to take out a personal property loan rather than using traditional housing finance options. Used manufactured homes that are foreclosures can be a great option to get a property at a reduced price and with US bank manufactured home loans. In addition to financing, manufactured home insurance is also similar to traditional home insurance as long as the home is stationary. If you buy a mobile home that will be moved, you may need different insurance.

How to Invest in Foreclosed Manufactured Homes

Investing in manufactured housing can be a great way to get started home flipping, earning rental income or buying a first home. Some investors even buy foreclosed homes in bulk, particularly manufactured mobile homes. The best way to get started is to consider your finances and then reach out to a realtor to find repo manufactured homes sale in your area.

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