Customers’ Testimonials Page

John O’Neil, Tampa, FL

“When my wife and I first set out to buy a house, we were astounded by how much it was going to cost. We started to look for alternatives, and luckily we found an article released by your site about foreclosures in our area. We investigated your site a little, and before you knew it we were looking at properties all over. We really got drawn in by your knowledge, and it made buying real estate fun! Not to mention the money we saved buying for a discounted price! And we didn'’t even have to pay a broker! Thank you!”

Ed Geary, Las Vegas, NV

“I’ve been interested in buying foreclosure for some time now, but was never able to find good listings. I was a member of a lot of other sites like (competitor site name withheld) and (competitor site name withheld), but it seemed like every time I found a listing that interested me the contact information was wrong, or the property wasn’t as described, and in some cases the sale was already over! Your listings have been the most helpful and accurate I’ve found. I’ve been a member for over a year now, and I’ve seen lots of good houses because of your help. I’ve bought two as investments, both for about 25% below what they would normally cost. Just wanted to say thanks from a satisfied customer.”

Ellie Malinor, Phoenix, AZ

“When we started looking for a new home we were worried about the cost. But we had read that foreclosures offered good deals so we gave you a shot. I’m happy to say my husband and I just closed on a beautiful new home in our hometown of Phoenix for $178,000, way below what we expected to spend! Thank you for all your help, we will pass all our friends on your way.”

Simon Fox, Atlanta, GA

“I’ve been a broker for over a decade, and so I have an intimate knowledge of just how cheap foreclosures are. A few years back I decided to start getting into making some investments of my own, and your site has made all the difference. The information you provide isn’t just the typical run of the mill stuff - your writers really have insight into what’s going on in the market, and that’s helpful.”

Alex, Miami, FL

“Your service is far and away the best I’ve experienced. Using only your 7-day trial, I was able to find 4 properties within a reasonable area from where I live to visit, and I ended up buying one as a pre-foreclosure! I saved a bundle, and have since been looking at more listings on your site to make my next investment. Your information is always fresh, unlike other site’s I’ve tried where it seems like nothing is accurate. You are far and away the besting this industry.”

Dave Franken, Louisville, KY

“When I was thinking about investing in some real estate, I knew I wanted to get involved in repos and foreclosures. I’d read the reports, seen the papers and I knew that this was a good way to profit. What I didn’'t know was how much there was to learn, and that was where I found your site to be most helpful. Your listings were great, but what really helped was the informative articles I found. You guys showed me how to make smart investments, and that was more helpful than any other service I found. Thanks, I’ve been shopping around for a while now and haven’t bought anything (I’m being patient), but just wanted to let you know how much I’ve been learning. Thanks!”

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